Prophets & Liars (2012)

Prophets & LiarsWanderers in Time, Book Two

“Is this still Victorian London?”

“No gaslights. No omnibuses, no hansom cabs, no brick houses, no plate glass windows…”

They weren’t home yet.

With their parents still missing, Amy and Ben Matthews enter the Egyptian arch a second time, hoping it will take them home. Instead, the strange portal takes them to the late 17th Century, to one of the deadliest decades London has ever known.

In this sequel to Servants and Thieves, the Matthews teens struggle to blend in during an even more peculiar and primitive time than in their last adventure. While posing as a Spanish noble, Amy befriends a baron’s daughter, and Ben joins up with a troupe of actors who are staging an oddly familiar Shakespeare play.

With almost no hint of their parents’ whereabouts, and the threat of discovery ever looming, Amy and Ben are hard-pressed to focus on getting home, and they are not prepared for the setbacks and calamities that overtake them in these tumultuous times. Will our 21st Century heroes be able to survive, even when so many people of the 17th did not?

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