Conquerors & Kings (2013)

Conquerors & KingsWanderers in Time, Book Three

“The arch got us here, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, but it didn’t take us home, did it? It just keeps taking us further and further away from our own time. I don’t want to go through again and find out we’ve landed in the Stone Age.”

Further in the past than ever before, Amy and Ben Matthews encounter a whole new set of problems to contend with. There’s the army that has invaded London, and the delusional general, who accuses the teens of being spies. And there’s the strange Egyptian arch, which continues to beckon them with its siren call. But will that ancient artifact finally deliver them home? Or will it send them to some other time?

Less concerned now about fitting in, Amy and Ben labor to simply survive in the cruelest century they’ve seen yet, the early Middle Ages. Basics don’t come easy, as simple things like food, beds, or friendly faces are scarce to be found. They also struggle to find any clue that their parents are still in the past and haven’t abandoned them.

This final volume of the series chronicles the adventures of Amy and Ben through the distant past as they search for their parents and try to make sense of what is happening to them. As they do so, they uncover startling facts about where they are, who they’re with, and the one true thing that has been calling to them from the beginning.

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