Books by That Author Guy – Derrick Tribble

Tom Roberts: Pirate Investigator (On the Horizon)
English Privateer or Pirate?

Cast among pirates, hard-boiled theologian Tom Roberts must solve a series of crimes, or walk the plank!

Anamatus (2016)

In a world of extraordinary talents, she uses hers to create a monster.

Conquerors & Kings (2013): Wanderers in Time, Book Three

“The arch got us here, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, but it didn’t take us home, did it? It just keeps taking us further and further away from our own time. I don’t want to go through again and find out we’ve landed in the Stone Age.”

Prophets & Liars (2012): Wanderers in Time, Book Two

“Is this still Victorian London?”

“No gaslights. No omnibuses, no hansom cabs, no brick houses, no plate glass windows…”

They weren’t home yet.

Servants & Thieves (2011): Wanderers in Time, Book One

“Our parents are gone, and it’s my fault.”


“I prayed for something interesting to happen . . . and it did.”